We believe light pierces darkness.

…but, only if you are open to it. The light that we believe in can break through the good and bad of life and our mission is to help you and your loved ones find it. Our products are designed to encourage you to NAVIGATE UPWARDS towards pure grace and unconditional love woven beautifully with hope and healing.

SUPPORT FOR YOURSELF AND LOVED ONES: When you don’t know what to say or do, our products are designed to help. We create prayerfully written messages and artistically designed graphics, then transform them into exceptional paper goods and gifts for yourself or to give to loved ones.

PROFESSIONAL CONTRIBUTERS: We partner with amazing writers, therapists, counselors, and artists for inspiring content and ideas. Our blog will be featuring some wonderful content focused on courage, grace, and healing throughout life’s journey using mind, body, and spirit.

WORKSHOPS: We offer workshops for adults and children alike focused on making art for healing and releasing tension.

FOCUS: Looking for inspiration, sympathy, and encouragement? Our products’ messages focus on courage, grace, and healing for: 

  • personal transformation
  • unexpected death or loss
  • addiction
  • suicide & depression
  • infant loss & miscarriage
  • mental health such as anxiety & stress
  • marriage & relationship challenges
  • major life challenges

PRODUCTS: Our handcrafted and thoughtfully designed products include, but are not limited to:

  • original art prints(larger, signed prints made one at a time with rich, archival ink printed on exhibition paper and hand-prayed with varnish)
  • original art print greeting cards (smaller versions of the large prints that can be given as greeting cards and/or framed)
  • hand crafted small and large wooden one-of-a-kind frames for prints and cards
  • mini, pocket-size “Be” booklets and cards (for encouragement dealing with addiction recovery and mental illness)
  • print goods such as calendars and notebooks
  • thoughtful, inspired accessories

See what are products are all about for yourself HERE.