Atlas Art Press creates bold, inspired gifts for support during the messiest parts of life. When you don’t have the words, our products speak for you, replacing weariness and despair with courage and grace, so you can confidently face life’s challenges. 


The way you deal with life’s trials and triumphs is the heart of your life story…

… and that’s exactly how this started. With a tender heart and a cavernous desire to find a way to process this messy life, founder Sarah Nelsen began to do something she hadn’t done in years–sketching and writing for the pure release that it brought to her. As an established art director and designer, for over a decade, her sketching had been for clients, for work. This new habit of creating, though, was different, it was bringing her closer to her essence and closer to God.

After some friends saw her work on her blog (formerly Atlas of Light) and asked her to create custom pieces for their loved ones experiencing unspeakable, painful trials, the concept for Atlas Art Press was born. Replacing traditional sympathy and encouragement gifts, Sarah’s art print cards and prayerfully written messages rooted in scripture were spreading by word of mouth. The art and words are laced with courage, grace, and healing and were unlike anything available for those trying to show support to their loved ones. 

The name, Atlas, simply comes from the human need to have a source to guide you on life’s journey. Atlas Art Press encourages people to NAVIGATE UPWARDS through its art and messages for supporting loved amid difficulty. Nelsen uses her own writings as well as partnering with other writers, therapists, and those on a mission to communicate courage and grace.



Woven through each strand of my identity, is my steady, life-giving heartbeat for inspired, bold visual communication. The strands of my life tapestry are being woven with the roles of wife, mother, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, artist, singer, designer, survivor [of bad choices, pregnancy loss, and more], witness to heartbreaking trials of close friends and family and witness to the undeniable power of God. First born Virgo of a family of an outdoor-loving, camping, hiking, adventure family, the richness, simplicity, and rejuvenating qualities of natural outdoor spaces invigorates my soul.

Armed with a graphic design & integrative arts degree and a handful of Masters courses in sustainable design, the creative arts and a love of the earth is in my bones. For more than a decade, I’ve ran successful boutique graphic design studio, Sarah Nelsen Designs. I might call myself a photographer working on projects such as the ongoing Steel Sun Sage project as well as engaging in event and family photo shoot projects. Having resided in the mountains of the West (Jackson Hole, Wyoming), the deserts of the Southwest (Rancho Mirage, California), I’m currently settled in the hills of the Mid-east (Pittsburgh, PA). It is here in Pittsburgh, I grew up, left, and returned. That alone is a story in itself and with that, I will leave you to explore Atlas Art Press.

Sarah Nelsen
Founder, Chief Creator


we practice authenticity

We strive to be authentic in the products and content that we offer. In our writings and messages we aim for transparency, communicating the Truth of scripture, and encouraging you to Navigate Upwards to God for guidance amid difficult times. We take pride in collaborating with our partners, professional advisors on key causes and the non-profits we support. Research and detail-oriented reviews by trusted editors, writers, and proofreaders are a big part of our process to ensure we give you the best message we can offer to inspire you in your daily life!

we strive for artistry

We create all of our art from scratch. The end result is targeted at captivating beauty, deep meaning, and enchanting visual curiosity for Atlas customers. Sarah starts with middle-of-the-night ideas jotted down on nightstand post-its and sketches on scraps of paper. The art evolves through a mix of everything from watercolors, oils, acrylics, ink, and charcoal on professional papers. Then the art progresses as it is transformed into a usable product through her graphic design and typographic treatments. To complete the process, she photographs each piece in settings that evoke the studio, materials used, and the emotion tied to each piece.

we offer assurance

In our products, we use only high quality materials, processes, and reproduction techniques while aiming for eco-friendly options and finished off with elegant, personal packaging and design. Each finished product has been through a rigorous process of research, mock-ups & samples given to friends and family to get feedback and continuous revising and perfecting until the perfect piece is created to offer to you! If at any time, you are unsatisfied, let us know! We thrive on referrals and want you to be 110% satisfied.