A portion of Atlas Art Press llc profits is given back to the communities we serve. We put a portion of profits into supplies for special Atlas Art Flow workshops donated to marginalized communities (such as the homeless, those in recovery, and women’s shelters).

We also have two featured non-profits making our community better and infusing love, hope, and joy into those in need for 2018. 

Mission From Mars goal is for our homeless friends to know they are not alone. After reviewing the services of other organizations, Mission From Mars identified there was a need to provide a lunchtime meal on Sundays on the Northside. Because access to public transportation is difficult for homeless (money, bus passes) and they may not physically be able to walk miles across the city. By providing this meal, it fills a gap for many living on the streets of Northside and downtown. The City of Pittsburgh currently has 1500 homeless living in shelters. About 1/3 of that statistic are Veterans, and there are around 100 street homeless. During the summer that number increases with 300-500 transient street homeless.

One of the greatest difficulties in being homeless is the stigma that comes with it. Many are ashamed or embarrassed and they often feel very alone. God is with them and there are friends here to help. We listen, we care, and we do not judge them. Find out more at http://www.missionfrommarspittsburgh.com/.

WALKING WITH PEOPLE FROM ISOLATION TO COMMUNITY. We’re more than just a great cafe. Uncommon Grounds Café is run by Evangelists and volunteers. We reach the least, the last and the lost with the gospel of Christ through listening and offering dignity. We are a space for Churches to learn and practice the Great Commission through volunteering, work missions, and training. We are a space for transition from isolation to community. If you enjoy good food, excellent coffee and you would like to “make a difference in the world” we have a place for you. 

Here Are Some Things We Do: Open Mic Nights, Monthly Veterans Appreciation Breakfasts, AA & NA Meetings, Ladies Night, Celebrate Recovery, Bible Studies, Summer Mission Teams, Urban Mission Training, Knitting Group, Church in the Margins and Women’s Ministries. Find out more at http://www.uncommongroundscafe.org.