Woven through each of the roles I play in life, is my heart for visual communication and creating. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, business owner, artist, singer, designer, survivor of bad choices in my college years, survivor of pregnancy loss, witness to heartbreaking trials of close friends and family, and addict to creating art and designing my environment. Coming from a family of outdoor-lovers, I yearn for the richness, simplicity, and rejuvenating qualities of natural outdoor spaces.

Professionally, I graduated with a graphic design / integrative arts degree. I’ve dabbled in Masters courses in sustainable design. For well over a decade, I’ve ran successful boutique graphic design studio, Sarah Nelsen Designs. I might call myself a photographer working on projects such as the ongoing Steel Sun Sage project as well as engaging in event and family photo shoot projects. Having resided in the mountains of the West (Jackson Hole, Wyoming), the deserts of the Southwest (Rancho Mirage, California), I’m currently settled in the hills of the Mid-east (Pittsburgh, PA). It is here in Pittsburgh, I grew up, left, and returned. That alone is a story in itself and with that, I will leave you to explore this special project, my little Atlas Art Press.

Sarah Nelsen
Founder, Chief Creator